Social Responsibility & Compliance

Waterson Woods provided various apparel with the involve of numinous partners, so we take very seriously that partners are required to comply with our labor and other standards. The compliance challenges posed by global supply chains are always what we concern. In order to face these challenges, we support initiatives involving the monitoring and auditing of manufacturing facilities in our supply chain and programs that build the capacity of indigenous governments and other institutions to raise labor standards and improve legal compliance, and that build the capacity of our partners to comply with our labor standards.

We have helped to develop innovative initiatives to build the capacity of factories, monitors and the capability of governments to advance labor standards in meaningful ways. We always keep a close connection with labor group to focus on solving problems that arise at manufacturing facilities in our supply chain. We believe that such engagement serves as both an early warning mechanism of potential problems and a mechanism for developing innovative solutions.

We hope through these efforts to develop effective models for addressing the challenges we face that are sustainable and can be replicated throughout our supply chain. Our clients always benefit from our seriousness toward to social responsibility.

Manufacturing & Sourcing with Integrity, Honesty, and Fairness

Integrity, honesty, and fair treatment of associates, clients and partners are fundamental values of our company. We insist that our business be conducted according to ethical standards that we can point to with pride. Those standards, which apply to our entire business, are set forth in our general code of business conduct. This policy statement supplements our general code with respect to issues affecting the sourcing of merchandise.

Our clients demand diverse and affordable merchandise of the highest quality and integrity. We strive to meet clients; demands by having a manufacturing and sourcing bases predicated on strategic partnerships with key partners who commit not only to our commercial objectives, but also to our values. As our businesses continue to grow both domestically and internationally, we always take special care that the principles we hold most dear are not compromised. This policy statement responds to that challenge.

We and our partner must fully and completely comply with all laws and regulations applicable to our businesses, including laws and regulations governing the exportation of goods. Given the gravity and centrality of these principles to the future of our business, nothing less than a full commitment is required by all of us. It is important that every associate involved in the manufacturing and sourcing processes understands the policies that guide our relationships with our partners. Our relationships with others is faithfully important to us. We all share a responsibility for improving the world in which we live, and it is up to each one of us to implement our standards in order to fulfill this responsibility in every community in which we live and work.

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